The Data Innovation Program

The Data Innovation Program is a data integration and analytics program for government. While every BC ministry collects and manages its own data, the Data Innovation Program can securely link and de-identify data from multiple ministries, giving government analysts a better understanding of BC’s complex issues.

The program supports population-level analysis, not individual or case-level analysis, unlocking the potential for new insights that lead to better programs and services for British Columbians.

Through the Data Innovation Program, existing data sets from various ministries or agencies are linked and de-identified in a secure platform (known as a secure research environment) to support specific population-level research projects. These projects aim to better understand trends and complex issues in BC.

Population Data BC works in partnership with the DI Program providing services related to data linkage, secure data storage, and project and data management.

Current Data Innovation Program projects are listed below. For further information on the Data Innovation Program go to:

Projects using the DI Program

The following projects have been approved for access to data within the Data Innovation Program. To be approved, projects must meet the strict conditions detailed in the program’s privacy and security framework. All projects are using de-identified, population-level data.

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Recently approved projects

Cardiac Outcomes of Menopausal Women Prescribed Concurrent Hormonal and Statin Combination Regimens in British Columbia

Using Population-Level Administrative Health Data to Assess the Health of Youth who have a Developmental Disability as they Transition to Adult Health Services

The EARLY study: Economic evAluation of a novel pRostate cancer gLYcan-based diagnostic tool