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Project title Principal Investigatorsort descending Project number
Role of statins in prevention and management of rheumatoid arthritis Choi,Hyon 07-017
Twenty-First Century Ecology of Medical Care Chow,Holden 00-005
Personalized Treatment of Lymphoid Cancer: British Columbia as Model Province Connors,Joseph 14-036
OpioidPrescriptionPatternsinBC Courtemanche,Douglas 18-216
Retrospective Costs and Outcomes of Oral Cancer Patients in British Columbia Cromwell,Ian 16-122
Using administrative data to evaluate a population-based parenting intervention Dahinten,Susan 13-002
Fetal and Infant Mortality and Serious Neonatal Morbidity among Status Indians in British Columbia Dahlgren,Leanne 12-009
Exploring the relationship between maternity care provider type and immunization status David,Samara 18-226
A cohort study of heart disease among BC firefighters and paramedics Davies,Hugh 05-003
The Impact of Arthritis Medications During Pregnancy on Maternal and Neonatal Health Outcomes De Vera,Mary 13-084
EmPhAsIS: Empowering Pharmacists in Asthma management through Interactive SMS De Vera,Mary 18-119
Examining the epidemiology, treatment, and survival in young-onset colorectal cancer (EXPLAIN-yCRC) De Vera,Mary 18-088
Mapping the epidemiology and the role of treatments in mental health complications in inflammatory arthritis (MATTERS) De Vera,Mary 19-072
The Growing Burden of Cystic Fibrosis in British Columbia Desai,Sameer 19-104
Rates and Waits for Cancer Surgery in Canada: A Mixed Method Assessment Dixon,Elijah 11-008
Determinants of outcomes for critically ill patients who are transported between hospitals Dodek,Peter 02-015
Isotretinoin Use Amongst Women of Reproductive Age and the Risk of Pregnancy and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Dormuth,Colin 13-079
Use of domperidone and risk of serious cardiac events in postpartum women Dormuth,Colin 18-085 D
Trends in rates of prescription opioid-related deaths across Canada Dormuth,Colin 17-025
Use of Systemic Oral Fluoroquinolones in Canada Dormuth,Colin 16-220D