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Project title Principal Investigatorsort descending Project number
Evaluating Causal Relationships between Built Environment Characteristics, Health Care Utilization Patterns, and Costs in British Columbia Frank,Lawrence 16-148
Understanding the developmental well-being of refugee children in Canada and Australia Gagne,Monique H 19-101
Explaining the academic achievement and well-being of adolescent immigrants, refugees, and non-immigrants in Canada Gagne,Monique H 14-080
Cardiac Medication Use Post-Catheterization in Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiography for Suspected Ischemia with Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Galway,Shannon 14-090
Injury in B.C.s Aboriginal Communities Research Project: Building Capacity While Developing Knowledge George,Anne 11-012
Financial incentives and waiting time for hip and knee surgeries Ghali,Nizar 13-053
An interdisciplinary study of the developmental trajectories of at-risk children: phase 2 (The NICU project) Goelman,Hillel 06-018
Examining Health Outcomes with Testosterone Therapies in British Columbia from 1997-2013 Goldenberg,Larry 14-034
Post-discharge readmission and mortality among children being repatriated from northern communities: Derivation of prediction models Goldfarb,David 19-016
Pregnancy Complications and the Risk of Future Cardiovascular Disease Grandi,Sonia 19-005
Evaluation of the pharmacoepidemiological and policy implications of therapeutic substitution of proton pump inhibitors in British Columbia Gray,James 05-020
Using The BC Linked Health Database to Understand Whether Depression Changes the Course of Heart Disease in AMI Patients Grunau,Gilat Linn 03-010
Education, health, and well being outcomes of children born to immigrant and refugee families in BC Guhn,Martin 13-037
Second hip fractures in British Columbia Guy,Pierre 05-029
Developmental origins of autism: A population level linked data study of potentially modifiable risk factors Hanley,Gillian 15-111
A population-based assessment of an ovarian cancer prevention program Hanley,Gillian 15-025
Health Care Utilization Impacts and Related Costs of Air Pollution Hanvelt,Robin 00-003a
Opioid prescribing patterns for treatment of acute and chronic pain in rural and urban British Columbia Harder,Kari 19-024o
Coronary Revascularization Methods and Timing of Treatment: Comparative Effectiveness of PCI and CABG in British Columbia Hardiman,Sean 17-089
A population-based analysis of multi-disciplinary rheumatology nursing care for people with complex rheumatic diseases Harrison,Mark 17-073