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Project title Principal Investigatorsort ascending Project number
Factors Contributing to the Development of Preventable Adverse Drug Events Hohl,Corinne 18-109
Comorbidity risk adjustments for emergency department studies using administrative health outcome data Hohl,Corinne 19-102
Early Opioid Prescriptions for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Back: Understanding Utilization Patterns, Their Determinants, and Impact on Work Disability Hogg-Johnson,Sheilah 12-014
Healthcare services utilization of HIV-positive persons in BC Hogg,Robert 09-013
TEC4Home: Telehealth for Emergency-Community Continuity of Care Connectivity via Home-Telemonitoring for Patients with Heart Failure Ho,Kendall 20-001
Predictors and utilization of services by those disabled by spinal cord injuries in BC Hilton,Ann 01-002
Influence of Peri-operative Stroke on Early and Late Mortality following Open Heart Surgery Higgins,Jennifer 15-006
Work-Related Injury Trends in British Columbia Hertzman,Clyde 04-019
Work-Related Asthma in British Columbia Hertzman,Clyde 03-019
Education, health and well being outcomes of children born to immigrant and refugee families in British Columbia Hertzman,Clyde 10-013
Spatial assessment of forest fire smoke exposure and its health effects in the southern interior of British Columbia Henderson,Sarah 05-021
The Impact of the Feminization of the Primary Care Workforce on Service Delivery Hedden,Lindsay 13-033
Contemporary Treatment and Outcomes of Atrial Fibrillation Hawkins,Nathaniel 18-095
Do Spatial Patterns of Indoor Radon Correspond to Spatial Patterns of Lung Cancer in British Columbia? Harvey,Tracey 13-015
A population-based analysis of multi-disciplinary rheumatology nursing care for people with complex rheumatic diseases Harrison,Mark 17-073
Advancing the methods for using routinely collected PROMs, PREMs and administrative data for health economics research Harrison,Mark 20-073
Coronary Revascularization Methods and Timing of Treatment: Comparative Effectiveness of PCI and CABG in British Columbia Hardiman,Sean 17-089
Opioid prescribing patterns for treatment of acute and chronic pain in rural and urban British Columbia Harder,Kari 19-024o
Health Care Utilization Impacts and Related Costs of Air Pollution Hanvelt,Robin 00-003a
Developmental origins of autism: A population level linked data study of potentially modifiable risk factors Hanley,Gillian 15-111