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Project title Principal Investigatorsort ascending Project number
Environmental justice in Vancouver, 1996: A spatial analysis of the relationship between air pollution and individual and ecologic data Buzzelli,Michael 02-025
Incidence and type of malignancy among people infected with hepatitis B virus in British Columbia - Feasibility of inter- and intra-agency data linkage within Provincial Health Services Authority (PHS Buxton,Jane 10-001
Impact of glycemic control on cardiac outcomes following percutaneous translumincal coronary angioplasty: prospective cohort study Buller,Christopher 05-022
Chronic occlusion project Buller,Christopher 05-016
Prescription medications and motor vehicle crash risk Brubacher,Jeffrey 13-039
Evaluation of Traffic Safety Interventions in BC Brubacher,Jeffrey 12-021
Public health costs of emergency department (ERs) visits for dental-related conditions in British Columbia Brondani,Mario 13-068
Incidence and correlates of lost-time claims among adolescents and young adults in Ontario and British Columbia Breslin,Curtis 02-021
The Health of Canadian Caregivers: Using administrative health services data to understand the determinants of the health of caregivers of children with chronic health problems. Brehaut,Jamie 11-002
Establishment of a childhood respiratory disease cohort using the BCLHD/Analysis of birth outcomes in the Greater Vancouver Regional District using the BC Perinatal Database Brauer,Michael 04-005
Analysis of Dementia and Degenerative Diseases in the Metro Vancouver Border Air Quality Study (BAQS) Adult Cohort Brauer,Michael 05-013
Evaluation of Clinical Paths for Congestive Heart Failure Spanning the Continuum of Care Bradley,Chris 00-001
Gene Expression Collaborative for Kids Only (GECKO) Boyce,W. Thomas 09-c03
Who crashes onto dialysis? Social determinants of health of patients who seek dialysis treatment Blythe,Nancy 03-017
BCs Fair Pharmacare evaluation projects Black,Charlyn 03-007
Retrospective Cohort Study using BC Renal Registered CKD and Dialysis Patients 2007- 2017 to describe hemoglobin distributions, anemia treatment patterns, and outcomes over time Birks,Peter 19-128
Kidney function and the effectiveness and safety Of DIrect oral AntiCoagulant therapy in Atrial Fibrillation: a metaanalysis of population-based cohort studies KODIAC-AF study Birks,Peter 19-126
Comparative Effectiveness Research in the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Cohort Bernatsky,Sasha 17-072
Water's role in helicobacter pylori transmission Bellack,Neil 04-022b
BC Pharmacovigilance Project Bassett,Ken 00-009