Working in partnership

Nothing is ever done with, or to, data managed at Population Data BC (PopData) without written approval from the data provider.

Data Stewards Working Group

Each public body which provides PopData with data for linkage has a representative on the Data Stewards Working Group (DSWG).

The objectives of the DSWG are to:

  • Advise and support PopData 
  • Develop common / standard policies and processes that relate to data access and represent the interests of the Data Provider community
  • Implement a policy and process framework for access to data that meets the privacy and security expectations of Data Providers and appropriate legislation.

While other groups related to PopData may have input on data access policies and procedures, only the DSWG has final decision making authority over them. 

The DSWG provides a valuable forum for Data Providers to work together to address issues germane to their own functions, including information sharing and monitoring.

Expectations and responsibilities of Data Providers

The role of the Data Provider in relation to (PopData) is to:

  • Maintain stewardship and control of the Data
  • Provide Data to PopData as outlined in the relevant Data Sharing Agreement
  • Commit to timely review of Data Access Requests
  • Communicate and discuss the development of policies, guidelines, or processes for access to data, through the Data Stewards Working Group
  • Work with PopData to ensure that their policies, processes and practices support the needs of the Data Provider

Secure data handling & storage

Secure data handling

Data Access Request (DAR) Management

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Data linkage (Trusted Third Party)

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Online tracking & reporting

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