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Register nowDo you work in the health or social science field and want to improve your data analysis skills?

Are you looking to upgrade your skills for a new analytic project? If so, our flexible, specialized professional training courses or full certificate program is a great way to start!

Join us for a free 30-minute Q and A webinar where we will introduce you to the benefits of our online Population Health Data Analysis (PHDA) certificate program and discuss the upcoming Spring course in Longitudinal Analysis and Multi-level Modeling of Health Data (PHDA 05). 

The PHDA program will equip you with:

  • New analytic skills to enhance or redirect the focus of your research specialization
  • New software skills to analyze and interpret large health related datasets
  • A rich online learning experience with colleagues and instructors working in a variety of health related disciplines

After this free webinar you will:

  • Understand the value of a professional specialization certificate
  • Become familiar with the key training components of the PHDA program
  • Learn about benefits of PHDA courses with a highlight on the upcoming Spring PHDA 05 course
  • Find out if the PHDA program and/or courses are right for you - via Q & A time
  • Gain related free data analytic resources to support your educational goals

Find out if our online PHDA program is right for you and register today!

BONUS: For taking the webinar, you will receive free data analytic resources that you can start using in your work immediately and a discount on your application fee.



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Upcoming events
Online course
Online course

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