Pre-publication Disclosure Review of Research Materials for Provincial Overdose Cohort Submission Form

In signing a Research Agreement with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, and the BC Centre of Disease Control for access to data, researchers commit to sending Research Materials to the public body in advance of public dissemination. Data Stewards, as those responsible for ensuring appropriate uses of the public body’s data, check that: privacy / confidentiality requirements are upheld; there is no gross misuse of the data; and that the data is appropriately referenced.


  1. Disclaimer requirement: The following disclaimer language is required to be included in all presentation materials (with the exception of conference abstracts):

    "All inferences, opinions, and conclusions drawn in this [insert type of research output] are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the [British Columbia] Ministry of Health, [British Columbia] Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, BC Centre of Disease Control, BC Coroner's Service, BC Emergency Health Services."
  2. Data source citations: Ministry of Health data sources and the Provincial Overdose Cohort must be cited in all publications (e.g., articles, journals, these and dissertations). Please see below and refer to the Citing data sources section on the Publishing Research Materials and Data Steward requirements page for further guidance.

    BC Provincial Overdose Cohort (2017). V1. Population Data BC [publisher]. Data Extract. BC Centre for Disease Control (2017).

How to reference Population Data BC

Please use the full name, Population Data BCwhen referencing Population Data BC in:

  • Grant/funding applications
  • Conference presentations or discussions
  • Interviews or articles
  • Reports, papers or other published research outputs

Do not use PDBC or PopData BC or PopData

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I submitted my analytic code to PopData Snippets, a code sharing library

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