Creation of the first national linked colorectal cancer dataset in Scotland: prospects for future research and a reflection on lessons learned

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This webinar is part of the Power of Population Data Science Series

In this webinar, Peter, Catherine, Elizabeth and Steve will be describing their recent efforts to create the first national linked colorectal cancer (CRC) database in Scotland (full details in their recent publication).

This dataset brings together detailed chemotherapy prescribing data with diagnosis data, at a national scale for the first time. They will be discussing the wider Bowel cancer intelligence UK (BCI UK) that the Scottish data is part of, the process they went through to access and link the relevant administrative datasets, the challenges they faced, their plans for future research with the data and also offer a patients perspective on this work.

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Catherine HannaDr Catherine Hanna is a clinical doctor (MD), treating adult patients who have a diagnosis of cancer with systemic anti-cancer therapies and radiotherapy. She is in speciality training to become a Clinical Oncology consultant. Catherine is a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow and is a Clinical Trials Fellow in the CRUK Clinical Trials Unit based at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. Her PhD focuses on evaluating the wider impacts from cancer research, with a focus on clinical cancer trials.

Elizabeth LemmonDr Elizabeth Lemmon is a Research Fellow within Edinburgh Health Economics at the University of Edinburgh and founder of the Early Career Researchers Using Scottish Administrative Data (eCRUSADers) platform ( Elizabeth has been working with routine, Scottish health and social care records for about six years. She is interested in using administrative datasets to carry out econometric analysis within the realms of cancer care, ageing, unpaid care and long-term care provision.

Peter HallDr Peter Hall is an academic Medical Oncologist with a research interest in Health Economics, Data Science and Health Technology Assessment in Cancer. The focus of his research is on the development of improved methods for efficient research design, cost-effectiveness analysis and the measurement of clinical and socioeconomic outcomes using data obtained from clinical trials and routinely collected within health systems. He treats patients in the NHS at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre.

Steve ClarkMr Steve Clark is a patient who was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in 2013, and after surgeries and both intense and maintenance chemotherapy he has been NED for the past two years. Steve dedicates much of his time to helping others diagnosed with this disease, he is Patient Public Group Member with Bowel Cancer Intelligence (BCI) UK, a volunteer with both Bowel Cancer UK and Cancer Research UK, and runs Strive for Five to Beat Bowel Cancer ( which is a campaign that aims to give hope to others with the stage 4 diagnosis.

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