Testimonials for workshops

Structural Equation Modeling Workshop

"Complex material made interestingby an experienced, upbeat instructor. SEM opens up so many doors to dealing with population data."
Sherri Tillotson, Coordinator, Evaluation and Monitoring, BC Cancer Agency

"This workshop provided an excellent combination of understanding principles of SEM, how to generate and evaluate models and how to use SEM software. A great and useful workshop."
Miguel Ruz, PhD student, UBC

"This is an excellent workshop – having a perfect balance between technical details and hands on practice. I enjoyed the days for the upgrading of my statistical skills to a new level and look forward to applying the skills in my work on Health Service Management."
Mingful Liu, Senior Statistician, Alberta Health Services

 "A great introduction to using MPlus and other SEM software. Coverage of missing data was very helpful in our current data issue. Labs are a great way to understand concepts taught."
Ester Lee, Research Analyst, University of Victoria

Multilevel and Hierarchical Linear Modeling Workshop

"The delivery of this five day workshop was well presented. It combined theory, practical applications and training time for participants to get a hands on experience.  At the end of the course, I brought back a wealth of knowledge that I think I am ready to apply to data available at my workplace. The instructor, Dr. Bruno Zumbo, is an excellent teacher!"
Kukuh Noertjojo, Medical Analyst, Worksafe BC

"I valued the opportunity to learn intensively and to get current information about statistical tools and methodology from knowledgeable experts who are also excellent teachers.  A second benefit is the opportunity to meet other researchers in BC with similar interests. I look forward to related training opportunities through Pop Data BC."
Chris Hitchcock, Research Associate, UBC, Dept of Medicine

"This workshop is an example of how workshops should be structured. It was interesting, very educational, useful for acquiring knowledge, beneficial for professional growth and future application and more. Thanks!"
Jolanta Aleksejuniene, Assistant Professor, UBC

Bayesian Disease Mapping Workshop

"A well delivered workshop on topics that are relevant and important in today’s working environment. The hand outs and textbook written by Dr. Lawson, a leading expert in Bayesian Disease Mapping, will be useful references for future work in this area."
Kukuh Noertjojo, Medical Analyst, Worksafe BC

Introduction to Statistical Software Package R

"A good kick start to get over the initial learning curve for using R."
Anders Erickson, PhD student, University of Victoria

"The course was a good introduction to R. The handout materials were excellent."
Peter Choi, Clinical Research Director and Associate Professor, UBC Dept of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics


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