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Project title Principal Investigatorsort ascending Project number
Childhood, Adolescent, Young Adult Cancer Survivor Research Program (CAYACS) McBride,Mary 05-036
Towards Comprehensive Care Throughout the Breast Cancer Care Trajectory in British Columbia, Canada Trajectory in British Columbia, Canada McBride,Mary 15-021
Major Joint Arthroplasty: Complications and Revisions Masri,Bassam 19-059
Understanding Stress Pathways Among Caregivers and Siblings of Children who have a Developmental Disability in B.C. Marquis,Sandra 15-100
Timing of cholecystectomy after endoscopic sphincterotomy Mador,Brett 13-032
Underlying medical indications for statin initiation in BC over the period January 1, 1998 December 31, 2011: Analysis of temporal trends and a comparison of compliance and effectiveness Macleod,Stuart 13-036
Ethnicity and cardiac disease in British Columbia Mackay,Martha 11-003
Exposure to air pollution and middle ear infection in children MacIntyre,Elaina 05-006
A cost-benefit analysis of gradual return-to-work for workers with a work-acquired musculoskeletal disorder Maas,Esther 17-147
Antidepressants and risk of suicide or self-harm in Canadian youth: a national population-based study Lynd,Larry 08-017
Calculating health care costs associated with asthma in BC Lynd,Larry 08-008
Canadian MS Progression Cohort: Administrative Data Analysis Lynd,Larry 19-049
Evaluating the association between inhaled corticosteroid and statin use and the development of lung cancer in COPD patients: a linked health database study Lynd,Larry 08-015
Preventable strokes and deaths in atrial fibrillation patients: understanding the impacts of anticoagulant nonadherence and nonpersistence. Loewen,Peter 17-149
Association of Past Hysterectomy with Low Back Injury in the Healthcare Sector: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis of Direct Case Workers Lochhead,Lois 11-005
Risk of fetal death and optimal timing of delivery among overweight and obese women Lisonkova,Sarka 19-074
Impact of delayed childbearing in BC, Canada Lisonkova,Sarka 05-032
The population trend in fertility drug use and its impact on pregnancy outcomes Lisonkova,Sarka 10-C04
Spatial Epidemiology: Entering in a new era of understanding injuries and associated risk factors Lima,Viviane 03-005
Determinants of Excessive Waiting for Cardiac Catheterization and Revascularization in British Columbia Levy,Adrian 01-017