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Project title Principal Investigator Project number
Evaluation of the Preventive & Maintenance Model Hollander,Marcus 00-017
Alternate Measures of Aggregate Drug Price and Quantity for BC Pharmacies Morgan,Steve 00-016
BC Pharmacovigilance Project Bassett,Ken 00-009
Twenty-First Century Ecology of Medical Care Chow,Holden 00-005
Evaluation of Clinical Paths for Congestive Heart Failure Spanning the Continuum of Care Bradley,Chris 00-001
Health Care Utilization Impacts and Related Costs of Air Pollution Hanvelt,Robin 00-003a
Does a biological marker for mood states improve diagnostic accuracy? McLean,Peter 00-002
Better Contraceptive Choices for Marginalized Women: Immediate vs. Interval Insertion of Intrauterine Contraception after Second Trimester Abortion Norman,Wendy 10-011
Incretin Mimetics and Risk of Acute Kidney Injury Miller,Tarita 16-019
Public health costs of emergency department (ERs) visits for dental-related conditions in British Columbia Brondani,Mario 13-068
Education, health and well being outcomes of children born to immigrant and refugee families in British Columbia Hertzman,Clyde 10-013
Probabilistic relationship between the prescription of drugs and subsequent prescriptions Jones,Steven 14-079
Long-term health resource utilization and total economic burden following diagnosis of systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases: a population-based study McCormick,Natalie 13-P055
Fee-for-service and Alternate Payment Plan Models in Fraser Health Authority Emergency Departments: An Environmental Scan Johar,Harpinder Paul 15-075
The economic burden of asthma in Canada Fitzgerald,J. Mark 13-082
Using The BC Linked Health Database to Understand Whether Depression Changes the Course of Heart Disease in AMI Patients Grunau,Gilat Linn 03-010