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Project title Principal Investigator Project number
Post-discharge readmission and mortality among children being repatriated from northern communities: Derivation of prediction models Goldfarb,David 19-016
Maternal and child outcomes after pregnancy-associated and postpartum cancer Metcalfe,Amy 19-026
Born to be Wise: Impact of Modifiable Early-life Environmental Exposures on the Health and Development of Children van den Bosch,Matilda 18-232
EmPhAsIS: Empowering Pharmacists in Asthma management through Interactive SMS De Vera,Mary 18-119
Improving Access to Medicines in Canada and Abroad Law,Mike 17-030
Evaluating the Supervised Consumption and Overdose Prevention Effects on British Columbias overdose epidemic: SCOPE study Panagiotoglou,Dimitra 19-023o
Opioid prescribing patterns for treatment of acute and chronic pain in rural and urban British Columbia Harder,Kari 19-024o
Research on the utilization of therapeutic hydromorphone (RUTH) for long-term opioid dependence Oviedo-Joekes,Eugenia 18-188
OpioidPrescriptionPatternsinBC Courtemanche,Douglas 18-216
Home IV Evaluation (HIVE): Analysis of outpatient intravenous antibiotic therapy in British Columbia Staples,John 18-209
BC Data Linkages Study for Pediatric Palliative Care. Siden,Harold (Hal) 18-189
Syncope and the subsequent risk of motor vehicle crash: A population-based analysis Staples,John 17-095
Evaluation of Vancouver Coastal Health's 2nd Generation Strategy for the Downtown Eastside (DTES): A population health intervention study Nosyk,Bohdan 18-086
Factors Contributing to the Development of Preventable Adverse Drug Events Hohl,Corinne 18-109
Examining the epidemiology, treatment, and survival in young-onset colorectal cancer (EXPLAIN-yCRC) De Vera,Mary 18-088
Identifying Subgroups And Risk Among Frequent Emergency Department Users: Whose needs can safely be met elsewhere? Moe,Jessica 18-139
Improving systems of services to people with complex and concurrent mental disorders and substance use disorders Small,William 18-123
Short term benefits but long term harm? Assessing the consequences of antenatal corticosteroid administration for child neurodevelopment Hutcheon,Jennifer 18-124
Immigration and Work Disability in the Canadian Context Koehoorn,Mieke 18-044
Prescription Drug Safety and Effectiveness in Multiple Sclerosis [DRUMS]: a population-based, multi-province platform for comprehensive pharmacovigilance Tremlett,Helen 18-120