PopData Support for COVID-19 research

Researcher tools and resources

There are a range of tools and resources available to researchers for use at different stages of the data access process. 

AppTracker - Real time access to detailed project status information online via PopData’s project management system

BC Data ScoutTM - BC’s first data feasibility service and one of the initial data services from the BC SUPPORT Unit

Consent form guidelines - For help with choosing the correct consent form templates when collecting data

DARonline - PopData's online data application request (DAR) system

Data Prospector BC - An inventory of the linkable data sets available to BC's researchers

Document Central - Quick access to many of the documents and online forms required throughout the data access and delivery process.

Metadata Central - An online system for access to file and field level summaries for selected data sets held at PopData

REDCap - A secure, standardized data management tool for privacy-sensitive data collection, management, and storage

Snippets - A place where researchers and data analysts can share various bits or snippets of code they have written




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Recently approved projects

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BC Preemies SHINE (Study of Health outcomes IN Early childhood)

Impact of continuing vs. withholding trastuzumab therapy in breast cancer patients with treatment-emergent left ventricular dysfunction on cardiovascular and cancer outcomes

All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality and Acute Morbidity Attributable to COVID-19 and Medical History Associated with Severe COVID-19 Infection in BC