PopData Support for COVID-19 research


Apptracker is PopData’s project management system, a resource for keeping track of research projects coordinated by PopData. If you have a project with us, AppTracker is where you will be able to find up-to-date project information such as:

  • Current project status
  • Submission and approval statuses of applications, amendments and other requests
  • Data releases (including the data files and time periods)
  • Data retention expiry dates by Data Steward
  • Ethics expiry dates
  • SRE expiry date
  • Study population(s) description
  • Research objectives
  • Complete list of project team members, including roles and data access status
  • List of all the Data Stewards involved in the project
  • Financial information such as invoice records

For more information about AppTracker, please contact the Data Access Unit at dataaccess@popdata.bc.ca.

How to access AppTracker

Access to AppTracker is through the Projects tab on the my.popdata website. Please note you will need a PopData account to log in.

AppTracker access is automatically provided for the project’s applicant, coordinator, and team members with SRE access. Access can be provided for any of the team members on the project.

Please have the project coordinator contact the Data Access Unit if you wish to receive access for the projects you are currently involved with.


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