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This page provides quick access to many of the documents and online forms required throughout the data access and delivery process and other useful resources for researchers.

Data access

There are many additional resources on this site that relate to, and will help greatly with, the completion of many of these forms and documents. Please make sure to visit the relevant web pages prior to completing and submitting any of the forms and documents listed below.

Project closure
Publishing Research Materials

Methodological papers

  • Alternative Payment Plan Remuneration Trends in British Columbia
    (CHSPR, 2020) > download
  • Methods to comprehensively identify emergency department visits using administrative data in British Columbia
    (CHPSR, 2021) > download
  • Residential care and administrative data in British Columbia: Developing methods to identify residents
    (CHSPR, 2020) > download

Document archive

  • Survey of high-priority data sets for COVID-19 research (2020) > download
  • Proportionate Governance | Stakeholder Interviews Report (2016) > download
  • Data Access Review Times Study | Final Report (2013) > download

DARs/Projects snapshot

Total number of DARs/Projects currently with PopData:427

Last revised July 11th, 2024

Need pan-Canadian data?

The Data Access Support Hub (DASH) is a one-stop data access service portal for researchers requiring multi-jurisdictional data in Canada.

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