PopData Support for COVID-19 research


PopData Snippets is a place where researchers and data analysts are able to share various bits or snippets of code they have written.

These bits of code help researchers read data into various statistical programs, help sort data, and assist with various other commonly performed tasks.

Researchers may submit new snippets or use existing snippets both inside and outside the Secure Research Enviroment.

Features include:

  • User-friendly navigation for finding snippets by tags, text in the title, and code language
  • The ability to ask questions or add advice on a piece of code by submitting a comment
  • Simple instructions on how to submit a snippet

Please note that all submissions and comments are moderated by PopData. However, we do not check the submissions for usefulness, validity, or correctness. This is a resource for researchers, by researchers.

How to access Snippets

Access to Snippets is through the Projects tab on the my.popdata website and you will need a my.popdata account to log in.

For more information about Snippets, please contact the Data Access Unit at dataaccess@popdata.bc.ca.



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