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PHDA 03 Population Health and Geographical Information Systems
"I enjoyed all the courses. In particular, I found the Population Health and GIS (PHDA 03) course very interesting and fun as I had never worked in this subject area before. The instructor and course content provided step by step directions and good support."

Navdeep Sandhu, Research Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University


PHDA Overall program/course experience
"The program’s strength emerged from how the courses were offered sequentially (eg: PHDA 03 and then PHDA 04) and the incorporation of Lab work into the course curriculum which provided the opportunity for more practical knowledge to be gained. Another strength is the friendly learning environment and willingness of the instructors to go an extra mile to assist students to understand concepts and course materials."

Samuel Essien, PhD Candidate, School of Population and Public Health, University of Saskatchewan

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In-person Workshops

Multilevel and Hierarchical Linear Modeling

"I valued the opportunity to learn intensively and to get current information about statistical tools and methodology from knowledgeable experts who are also excellent teachers. A second benefit is the opportunity to meet other researchers in BC with similar interests. I look forward to related training opportunities through PopData."

Chris Hitchcock, Research Associate, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia

PHDA 03 Population Health and Geographical Information Systems
"Courses which benefited me the most are PHDA 03 Population Health and Geographic Information System (GIS) and PHDA 04 Spatial Epidemiology and Outbreak Detection.

I am really satisfied with these courses especially the hands-on experience gained while using ArcMap to map diseases and assess spatial dependences. Skills developed include generating choropleth map, joining attribute tables to shapefile and perform geographically weighted regressions."

Samuel Essien, PhD Candidate, School of Public Health, University of Saskatchewan


PHDA Overall program/course experience
"I feel this is a very unique program that combines the use of data analytics, statistical software and focused learning objectives related to the field of health. I also appreciated the fact that it was a fully online program with well-organized lectures, readings and remotely accessed lab work in health data analytics.

Overall the program was very helpful to my knowledge and skill development in the field of healthcare analytics. The program exceeded my expectations particularly because of the remotely accessed data analytic lab work that was more challenging than I anticipated. This work was very practical and very much oriented to real life case examples. The calibre of students in my courses was also very high as most were working professionals who brought valuable experience and knowledge to the discussion forums and project work."

Alexey Skiba, Data Analyst, College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia