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Population Data BC (PopData) facilitates access to data from PopData partners, including both federal and provincial sources, and through partnerships with the Government of British Columbia to support the delivery of the Data Innovation Program (DI Program) and Health Data Platform BC (HDPBC). A wide range of data, from both federal and provincial sources is available across these access streams.

It is important to note that data is shared differently by data providers and, as a result, there may be variations in eligibility criteria, data access request processes, requirements in the project lifecycle and whether linkage of data sets across programs/providers is permitted. PopData, the BC Government and other data providers, have worked hard to harmonise processes for Researchers as much as is possible.

More detailed information on the PopData/HDPBC data access process may be found in the Data access section of this website. For more information on data access for the DI Program, visit the DI Program website.


Core vs. Non-Core Data

  • Core Data: Some BC Ministry of Health data sets available through PopData and HDPBC are called ‘Core Data’. A Core Data set is a standardized ‘bundle’ of commonly requested variables. A Core Data set may not include ALL the variables available in the data set. For example, some Core Data variables, such as geography or organisational codes, are suppressed to meet privacy legislation requirements.
  • Non-Core Data: Non-Core Data are variables that are NOT included in the standardized Core Data set. Non-Core Data is available for request as an addition to the Core Data set.

For the majority of DARs, requesting access to Core Data ONLY may make the data access approval process quicker and may expedite data provision. Data requests that include Non-Core Data will be subject to regular rather than expedited processes, both for application review and data provisioning.

Please note that the overall data access request is subject to meeting ALL of the Five SAFEs requirements. For more detail on the Five SAFEs, visit the Eligibility and the Five SAFES model page of our website.


The tables below show the data sets available by category.

Please note: Variables available for a particular data set may differ across the DI Program, PopData and HDPBC streams, so always check to make sure that what you need is available. 


Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
BC Vital Events and Statistics Births

✓   view

✓   view

✓   view

BC Vital Events and Statistics Deaths ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
BC Vital Events and Statistics Marriages ✓   view ✓   view  
BC Vital Events and Statistics Stillbirths ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
Central Demographics File (MSP Registration and Premium Billings, Client Roster and Census Geodata)/Consolidation File ✓   view ✓   view  
Client Roster (CR) Snapshot     ✓   view
Population Extrapolation for Organizational Planning with Less Error (PEOPLE)     ✓   view
Registration and Premium Billings (RBP Lite) ✓   view  


Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
K to 12 Socio Economic Index (SES) ✓   view    
K to 12 Student Assessments ✓   view ✓   view  
K to 12 Student Demographics and Achievements ✓   view ✓   view  
K to 12 Student Learning Surveys ✓   view ✓   view  

   Environment and Resources

Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
The Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE)   ✓   view  


Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
Corrections - Adult Community and Custody ✓   view    


Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
BC Cancer Registry   ✓   view ✓   view
BC Cardiac Service Registry     ✓   view
BC Perinatal Data Registry ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
BC Renal     ✓   view
Chronic Disease Registry ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
CIHI Population Grouping Methodology (CPOP)     ✓   view
COVID-19 Hospitalization and Critical Care Reports     ✓   view
COVID-19 Test Lab Data ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
COVID Census (Hospitalizations)     ✓   view
Discharge Abstracts Database ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
HealthIdeas Common Dimensions     ✓   view
Health Ideas Reference Dimensions     ✓   view
HealthLink 811     ✓   view
Health System Matrix     ✓   view
Home and Community Care ✓   view view  
Medical Services Plan (MSP) ✓   view ✓   view  ✓   view
Mental Health Services ✓   view ✓   view   
National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS) ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
Patient-Centered Measurement (PCM)     ✓   view
PharmaCare ✓   view ✓   view  
PharmaNet ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
Post-Covid Recovery Clinic     ✓   view
Residential Assessment Instrument ✓   view ✓   view ✓   view
Surgical Wait Times (SWT)     ✓   view
VPP Clinical OMOP Data     ✓   view


Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
Affordable Child Care Benefit ✓   view    
BC Employment and Assistance ✓   view    
BC Family Maintenance ✓   view    
Canadian Index of Multiple Deprivation (CIMD)     ✓   view
Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH ✓   view    
Child Care Subsidy ✓   view    
Child Welfare Program ✓   view    
Community Living Programs ✓   view    
Early Development Instrument ✓   view ✓   view  
Middle Years Development Instrument   ✓   view  
Permanent Residents   ✓   view  
Private Market Rent Supplements for Eligible Seniors and Working Families ✓   view    
Shelter and Homeless Outreach Private Market Rent Supplements ✓   view    
Supportive Housing ✓   view    


Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
ICBC – Contraventions ✓   view    
ICBC – Crashes ✓   view    
ICBC - Driver Licensing ✓   view    
ICBC - Traffic Accident System (TAS) ✓   view    
ICBC - Vehicle Population ✓   view    

   Work and Income

Data set Availability
DI Program PopData HDPBC
Income Band   ✓   view  
Income Bands - Custom ✓   view    
Income Bands by Postal Code ✓   view    
Labour Market Programs ✓   view    
WorkSafe Claims, Injury and Firm Level files   ✓   view  
Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants ✓   view    
Provincial Nominee Program ✓   view    


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